• Benita Light Glutathione Anti-spot

    Glutathione Benita Light is a powerful super brightening and high performance which gives its user a luminous and radiant complexion.

    AED 40AED 45 Excl .VAT

    Benita Light Glutathione Anti-spot

    AED 40AED 45 Excl .VAT
  • Zero Spot Concentrated Intense Lightening Serum (with vitamin E & Egg Yolk)

    Zero stop concentrated with vitamin E and egg yolk is a complex designed to clarify moisturize and cleans your complexion. Rich and fruit acid preserves your capital youth softened your skin refreshed and make it so much more radiant.

    AED 50AED 60 Excl .VAT
  • Eve Complexion Bar with Papaya

        Eve Complexion Bar with Papaya
    AED 25 Excl .VAT
  • filorga hand-absolute ultimate rejuvenating hand & nail cream

    Filorga Hand-Absolute Ultimate Rejuvenating Hand & Nail Cream 50ml is genuine care for the dry and weakened hands and acts also against the brittle and striated nails. This care proposes you an absolute nutrition of the hand thanks to its repairing complex based of precious butter included in a unique sensorial texture. It penetrates rapidly and nourishes deeply the skin without leaving an oily film. Its integral anti-aging action contains a trio of actives based of hyaluronic acid, collagen and smooth lipopeptide. It strengthens and re-plumps the hands in one gesture to rejuvenate them visibly. It contains also rare extract of Sea Lily that homogenizes and uniformizes the skin, fights against the stains and gives radiance to your hands. Hands care but also for the nails, it contains a booster of keratin which stimulates and reinforces the nails to make them smoother and shinier and also less brittle.
    AED 202 Excl .VAT
  • filorga skin-absolute night cream

    Filorga Skin-Absolute Ultimate Anti-Ageing Night Cream 50ml with lacquered black texture, which becomes transparent to the application is a care recommended to act against the wrinkles, the lack of firmness, homogeneity and brightness, to offer an overall rejuvenating effect in 30 minutes chrono and beautify the skin texture. In the morning, your skin is re-plumped and the complexion is fresh and radiant of beauty. After several weeks, the skin is denser and wrinkles are clearly less visible.
    AED 774 Excl .VAT
  • filorga uv-bronze body nutri-regenerating anti-ageing sun spray spf50+

    Filorga UV-Bronze Body Nutri-Regenerating Anti-Ageing Sun Spray SPF50 150ml is an anti-aging sun care for the body, offering a very high protection. Its formula offers several actions. Anti-aging shield photo-activated technology: a powerful anti-oxidant that acts under the sun rays to put the skin under high UV IR protection and thus reduces the signs of aging. Firm regeneration: a collagen booster associated with the hyaluronic acid NCTF reinforces the skin elasticity for a more toned and firmer skin. High nutrition: sublimating coconut oil nourishes the skin deeply and leaves a silky and soft finish.
    AED 260 Excl .VAT
  • filorga uv-bronze after-sun

    Filorga UV-Bronze After-Sun 200ml is an after-sun care ideal to apply to prolong and sublime the tanning while taking care of your skin. This triple action gel contains an association of 4 oils: Argan, Apricot, Almond and Avocado, associated to Hyaluronic Acid. It moisturizes and nourishes thus your skin in depth.It contains also a complex of amino acids and minerals which: boosts, sublimes and prolongs your tanning without any UV, thanks to its tan-stimulator complex. Its light and refreshing texture melts in oil after its application to comfort and sublime your skin after sun exposure. For all the skins types.
    AED 218 Excl .VAT

    filorga uv-bronze after-sun

    AED 218 Excl .VAT
  • filorga meso-mask jar free sample

    MESO-MASK, this beloved anti-aging treatment by FILORGA illuminates the complexion, boosts radiance, smooths wrinkles, and rehydrates the skin in 15 minutes flat.
    AED 450 Excl .VAT
  • filorga meso-mask antiwrinkle lightening mask

    This Antiwrinkle Lightening Mask is enriched with a polyrevitalizing anti-ageing complex which smoothes the wrinkles andbrightens the skin complexion. The skin becomes plumped andradiant. The rhamnose polysaccharide alleviates irritations, unifies and instantly clears up the complexion, for long. Filorga MESO-MASK Smoothing Radiance Mask 50ml sublimates skin while bringing light and glare. It treats the wrinkles and erases the signs of tiredness.
    AED 365 Excl .VAT
  • filorga uv-bronze body tan activating anti-ageing sun oil

    Filorga UV-Bronze Body Tan Activating Anti-Ageing Sun Oil SPF 30 150ml is an anti-aging sun oil, tanning activator. This oil SPF 30 for the body offers several actions. Global anti-aging protection photo-active technology: associated with UV filters, a powerful anti-oxidant, active under the sun rays, puts the skin under high protection and acts against the signs of skin aging. Firming nutrition duo of oils hyaluronic acid: an anti-aging cocktail combined with hyaluronic acid envelops the skin to nourish, hydrate and intensively tone it. Sublimated tanning tan-stimulator complex: a melanin booster accelerates the natural tan for a tanned and sublimated complexion. Without self-tanning DHA. The skin is protected, sublimated, and the tan is magnified safel.
    AED 218 Excl .VAT
  • filorga pigment white

    Filorga Pigment White 50ml is brightening care which allows to restore the cutaneous uniformity and reveal a bright and pure complexion. This care contains minerals which act effectively on the stains of the face in order to attenuate them. Associated to Hexylresorcinol, a powerful brightening active, that will correct in depth whereas antioxidant polyphenol prevents from their appearance. Pigment White corrects the stains but also acts on the complexion by ensuring (anti-yellow, anti-grey, anti-red). Its formula contains an anti-glycation peptide which removes yellow from complexion whereas the exfoliating gluconolactone remove grey and vitamin B3, known for its soothing properties, will reduce the redness. Its formula is completed by smoothing vitamin C which acts in synergy with moisturizing polysaccharide and revitalizing NCTF that will awake the radiance of your skin. The results are rapidly visible, stains are reduced and attenuated, the complexion is brighter and uniform. Find thus a skin radiance of beauty.
    AED 477 Excl .VAT

    filorga pigment white

    AED 477 Excl .VAT
  • Active White Collagen Black Spot Corrector

    Active White Collagen Black Spot Corrector

    ACTIVE-WHITE collagen correction cream moisturizes and helps to fade stains (elbows, phalanges, ampits). Used daily, the complexion regains radiance and harmony. In addition, thanks to the properties of collagen, the skin is smoothed and the effects of age faded.


    • Moisturizes and clarifies skin
    • Harmonizes the complexion
    • Softens and protects the skin.
    • Helps blur skin spots
    AED 25 Excl .VAT
  • B.S.C Black Spot Corrector Cream 30ml

    B.S.C Black Spot Corrector Cream 30ml

    BSC cream care for final touch correction of persisting spots and scares (knees and elbows)BSC Lotion cleans all skins impurities on face neck and elbows. Use it after the Carotone soap. BSC Serum eliminates all spots and marks that are on hands feet and elbows. Apply on dark spots after showering. Can be mixed with the cream.

    AED 25 Excl .VAT
  • Gold Skin Spot Corrector With Snail Slime

    Gold Skin Spot Corrector With Snail Slime

    GOLD SKIN Spots Coreector helps fade spots on the skin (elbows, phalanges, armpits). Used as a complement to the GOLD SKIN body care range, your complexion will regain a uniform appearance and your skin will feel smooth.


    • Helps fade spots.
    • Reduces and prevents skin imperfections.
    • Evens the skin tone.
    AED 25 Excl .VAT
  • Gold Skin Lightening 7-Piece Face & Body Kit With Argan Oil

    Gold Skin Lightening 6-Piece Face & Body Kit With Argan Oil

    This is a complete skin lightening kit with 7 items! GOLD SKIN Rapid Action Argan Oil products work against impurities and certain skin conditions such as eczema, psoriasis and allergies. Together they work to standardize the complexion, remove impurities and lightening the skin quickly and safely.

    This 7 PIECE KIT includes:

    • Body Clarifying Milk (lotion) 500ml
    • Exfoliating Soap
    • Brightening Shower Gel
    • Brightening Oil
    • Brightening Face Cream
    • Dark Spot Corrector
    AED 195AED 220 Excl .VAT
  • Gold Skin Spot Corrector With Argan Oil

    Gold Skin Spot Corrector With Argan Oil

    GOLD SKIN Spots Corrector helps fade spots on the skin (elbows, phalanges, armpits). Used as a complement to the GOLD SKIN body care range, your complexion will regain a uniform appearance and your skin will feel smooth.


    • Helps fade spots.
    • Reduces and preents skin imperfections.
    • Evens the skin tone.
    AED 30 Excl .VAT
  • Skin Doctor Dark Spot Removal Soap, 90gm

    Skin Doctor Dark Spot Removal Soap, 90gm

    The essential Dark Spot Remover Soap helps visibly lighten sensitive skin gradually and gently with safe, naturally derived skin whitening ingredients. It stimulates natural balance of skin cells to cleanse away the appearances of unpleasant dark spots or dull surface cells and moisturizes for sheer, lively and youthful skin.

    AED 15 Excl .VAT
  • Silka Papaya Whitening Pearl Cream

    Silka Papaya Whitening Pearl Cream

    Gently hides dark spots and blemish by providing an even pearl white matte finish Contains Papaya Ensymes and Vitamin B3 to erase unwanted blemish and whiten your skin from Within Enriched with Vitamin E to help maintain the proper moisture levels on your skin and keep it protected from pollution.

    AED 25 Excl .VAT
  • Tokem High Performance Dark Spots And Blemishes Erase

    Tokem High Performance Dark Spots And Blemishes Erase

    A potent concentrate to lighten and eradicate dark spots on the skin that can be caused by sun exposure, aging, pregnancy, genetics etc.

    It helps provides the skin with a uniform, clear and fresh look

    AED 35 Excl .VAT
  • B.B. Clear Dark Spot Remover

    B.B. Clear Dark Spot Remover

    Black spot clear is specially made cream for the face that completely clear dark spot. There can be different reasons for dark spots on the face. The most common cause is sun damage. Brown spots from sun damage usually appear on areas of the skin that are naturally exposed to the sun, such as the face and the back of the neck and arms. It also lightens your complexion helping you to recover your youth, attractiveness and beauty.Black spot clear is specially made cream for the face that completely clear dark spot.

    AED 30 Excl .VAT
  • Oranvate Cream Tube Of 30g

    Oranvate Cream Tube Of 30g

    Oranvate Cream  contains  the active compound clobetasol propionate, a synthetic corticosteroid, for topical dermatologic use. Clobetasol has a high degree of glucocorticoid activity and a slight degree of mineralocorticoid activity. Each gram of the 0.05% cream for topical administration, contains clobetasol propionate 0.5 mg in a base of propylene glycol, titanium dioxide, carbomer and purified Water.

    1) This cream is only suitable for body.

    (2) Keep away from the reach of children.

    (3) Prohibit the use of this cream in pride.

    (4) Use up to 90 grams to get the full result.

    This cream will give results within 4 to 7 days, and if you use this cream on any single side of your body you will get more benefits such as hand and throat face underarm where you like.

    When using this cream, you can use sunblock cream to use this cream only at night and sunblocks will be used in daylight.

    This cream containing can be used for 90 grams and it is useful for up to 60 days from the time of opening this cream.

    Please use this cream for kids over 12 years.

    For more details contact our customer care and do not forget to comment and advise on our special cosmetic specialists.

    Thank you and hope you will be with us

    AED 35 Excl .VAT

    Oranvate Cream Tube Of 30g

    AED 35 Excl .VAT
  • Dodo Dark Spot Remover Cream 50g

    Dodo Dark Spot Remover Cream 50g

    Dodo DSR (Anti-Dark Zones) is an ultra concentrated cream that lightens the dark areas of your body (hands, feet, joints,dark spots) with a cocktail that combines bio-active plants extracts,multi VITAMIN and the “WHITE UP

    AED 25 Excl .VAT
  • New Light Whitening Set with Zaban

    New Light Whitening Set with Zaban

    The body milk New Light Zaban nourishes and moisturizes your skin. Its active moisturizes rehydrate your cells and restore the natural skin balance. Apply New Light Zaban body milk daily to get a soft, smooth and lighter appearance of the skin. Please follow our store for more amazing products and please don’t forget to leave a positive feedback on our store after successful deliver of your pacel.

    AED 165AED 175 Excl .VAT

    New Light Whitening Set with Zaban

    AED 165AED 175 Excl .VAT
  • New light Facial Cream with Jaban

    New light Facial Cream with Jaban

    New Light Zaban repairing cream is from a greater innovation of face cream and is marked out by the quality of its special active substances. It revitalizes your face, eliminates dark spots and acne and fights again wrinkles formation.

    Thus, your face becomes clean and without spots. Reduce the appearance of redness and dullness in the skin by using New Light Zaban face repair cream.

    Direction: For a rapid result, apply New Light Zaban cream after using the lotion twice per day thoroughly your face and neck at morning and at night.

    AED 20 Excl .VAT
  • Perfect White Dark Spot Remover In 7 Days

    Perfect White Dark Spot Remover In 7 Days

    Removes brown tasks and unified the complexion. Makes your skin clear, fresh and smooth like a baby’s skin

    AED 25 Excl .VAT

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