• Peau Jaune Serum (Double Concentre Super Eclaircissant (Etape 2) 30ml

    Triple Concentrate peau jaune specially been formulated for smoothing the complexion

    and intensively moistures the skin. Thanks to the carrot extract multiple benefits,

    this serum is a real multi active care. It’s delicately fragranced texture quickly penetrates

    the skin for optimum effect and immediate freshness feeling.

    Its lightening agents act at the epidermis heart in order to soften and effectively prevent pigmentary defaults occurrence.

    This silly milk deeply nourishes the skin, preserve its youth fullness and fight against cutaneous slackening.

    Used regularly, it makes the complexion harmonious, clearer and youth.
    The yellow skin lightening concentrate is a remedy for all deformities and irregularities of skin and complexion.

    It quickly clears up your skin and homogenizes the complexion

    Apply alone on stubborn stains or areas to lighten or make a solution to add to your milk of toilet
    Fast action
    Use twice daily on a clean skin surface for faster results.Results are seen in as early as 2 weeks.

    *Results may vary from person to person

    AED 35AED 40 Excl .VAT
  • filorga flash-nude fluid spf 30

    Filorga Flash-Nude Fluid SPF 30 30ml with breathable hydra-fluid texture is a SPF 30 dual-action fluid for a zero-defect bare skin effect. This complexion fluid offers several actions. Flash perfective action adjustable-coverage technology: micro-pigments ‘skin-fusion’ for an immediate skin zero defect and a coverage modulable, luminous and natural without material effect. Durable multi-correction smoothing radiance evenness: hyaluronic acid combined with a plant active ingredient to smooth the skin. An even complex based on hexylresorcinol to even out the skin as and when applications. The high protection formula UVA UVB of this fluid also incorporates anti-pollution niacinamide. Results: 96% of women see their skin quality improved with Flash-Nude Fluid. Non-comedogenic.
    AED 333 Excl .VAT
  • filorga pigment perfect serum

    Filorga Pigment Perfect Serum 30ml is an ultra concentrated serum which attenuates the appearance of dark spots, evens out the skin and enhances the complexion.Target hyperpigmentation with the Filorga Pigment-Perfect Dark Spot Corrector Serum, a multi-correcting serum for all skin types that will even out the complexion and reveal brighter skin.This milky fluid textured serum will tackle any dark spots or pigmentation caused by sun damage, ageing, hormonal disorders or pregnancy and will help to reveal a more luminous and unified complexion when used over a period of time.
    AED 407 Excl .VAT
  • filorga global repair cream

    A concentrated multi-active cream and serum designed especially for devitalised skin, inspired by aesthetic medicine techniques to create a visible amd intensely rejuvenating effect
    AED 580 Excl .VAT

    filorga global repair cream

    AED 580 Excl .VAT
  • filorga oxygenglow eyes super soothing radiance eyes care

    Super-Smoothing skincare to revitalize and boost radiance, for enhanced eye naturally! Flawless eye contour goal – Developed by FILORGA, the Super-Skin Boosting Factors complex combines an oxygenation booster, hyaluronic acid and detoxifying L-enzyme to reveal a flawless eye contour, day after day. A hydrailluminating texture integrating Photoperfector HD technology for an instantly enhanced eyes effect. An enhanced anti-dark circles action. Tested under ophthalmological control.

    AED 312 Excl .VAT
  • filorga scrub & detox foam exfoliator

    Clarify and revitalised dull or congested skin with the Filorga Scrub and Detox Exfoliator. Designed to reveal a brighter, smoother complexion in just five minutes, the exfoliator features both physical scrub and enzymatic exfoliation to ensure that dead skin cells are sloughed away. The double-peeling complex combines volcanic microspheres to help dislodge stubborn dead skin, along with Detoxifying polyphenols and activated carbon to exfoliate deep into the pores.
    AED 188 Excl .VAT
  • filorga ncef-reverse eyes

    Rediscover skin’s youthful capacity with Filorga NCEF-Reverse Eyes; a concentrated eye cream enriched with a cocktail of five active ingredients that works toward correcting signs of ageing in the eye contour. Supercharged with NCEF, a unique polyrevitalising complex developed by Laboratories Filorga, the moisturiser works to stimulate regeneration, improving the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, dark circles and puffiness.
    AED 328 Excl .VAT

    filorga ncef-reverse eyes

    AED 328 Excl .VAT
  • filorga scrub and mask reoxygenating exfoliating mask

    Filorga Scrub and Mask Reoxygenating Exfoliating Mask 55ml is an anti-ageing care that offers you both a scrub and a reoxygenating mask. This anti-ageing care offers you an action in two steps: Step 1 : New-skin revealing scrub. From its application on your skin, perlite spheres make a gentle exfoliation of the skin. At the same time, an enzyme mimicking the embryo hatching process and stimulates the desquamation for a new-skin effect. Step 2 : Anti-ageing reoxygenating mask. After the scrub, leave on your face and you will see a few minutes later that it transforms into foam. This foam contains NCTF that stimulate the cellular regeneration. Micro-bubbles will be transform in order to breathing of asphyxiated skin.
    AED 304 Excl .VAT
  • Gold Intense Argan Oil Active Serum 30 ml/1fl.oz

    Description: Intense Argan Oil addresses uneven skin tone and face dark spots, restoring clarity and radiance.

    How to use: Apply intense serum to dry cleansed skin, preferably at night. Let dry. Avoid eye area.
    Avoid sun exposure and apply sunscreen daily to maintain even skin tone.

    Tip: Serums work best on normal to oily and acne prone complexions. Absorbs and dries quickly.

    AED 144 Excl .VAT
  • LightenUp with Milk Protein Intense Lightening Serum 30 ml

    LightenUp with Milk Protein Intense Lightening Serum 30 ml

    An exceptional lightening serum formulated to reduce the production of melanin thereby, promoting a clearer, brighter even skin tone. Anti-oxidant Lactic Acid firms and promotes skin radiance.

    AED 75 Excl .VAT
  • Lighten-Up Plus 4-pc Set (Lotion, Serum, Soap & Gel)

    Lighten-Up Plus 4-pc Set (Lotion, Serum, Soap & Gel)

    Perfect to fight against dark pigmentation issues.

    LightenUp Active Lightening Cream promotes a lighter and brighter even skin tone, fades brown spots and lightens unwanted discoloration.

    Directions: Apply a thin layer directly on brown spots or uneven skin tone on dry, cleansed skin, preferably at night. Avoid eye area. Follow up with minimum SPF 30 sun protection daily during and after treatment in order to prevent further skin discoloration.

    AED 280 Excl .VAT
  • LightenUp Lightening Serum

    LightenUp Lightening Serum

    A potent lightening serum formulated to promote a clearer, brighter even skin tone. Promotes skin radiance.   Directions: Apply on dry skin, preferably at night. Use a minimum SPF 30 sun protection every morning to maintain even skin tone and prevent further skin discoloration.

    AED 75 Excl .VAT

    LightenUp Lightening Serum

    AED 75 Excl .VAT
  • Aliya Carotiq Intense Serum 1.2oz

    Aliya Carrot Intense Serum contains an active blend of Carrot Oil and other natural ingredients to fight discoloration, dark spots and uneven skin tone. This skin lightening treatment will leave you with a bright, even complexion
    AED 45 Excl .VAT
  • Clear Essence Platinum Skin Lightening Serum (0.5 oz.)

    Clear Essence Platinum Skin Lightening Serum (0.5 oz.)

    A concentrated lightweight facial serum for puffy bags under the eyes and tired dark eye circles. This product is especially popular for being safe and delicate enough for sensitive areas such as under eye bags and on oily, acne prone skin. Use as an all over toning serum or dark spot corrector.

    • Skin Concern: Under eye bags, dark spots, age spots, post acne marks, or sun discolorations
    • Recommended Skin Type: All skin types
    • Used For: Eliminate under eye circle, correction of dark spots, an even, flawless complexion
    • For Use On: Face, hands, or small scars on the body
    AED 70 Excl .VAT
  • Clear Essence Platinum Skin Lightening Serum

    Clear Essence Platinum Skin Lightening Serum

    Introducing the NEW! Platinum Clear Essence® Skin Lightening Serum with enhanced composition for a concentrated safe and effective treatment of dark spots, and reduction of uneven and dark circles around the eyes.

    DOES NOT CONTAIN Hydroquinone

    • Skin Concern: Treats dark circles around the eyes, dark spots on body, face, elbows, age spots, reduction of uneven skin tones, reduce post acne marks, and sun discolorations
    • Recommended Skin Type: Safe for all skin types
    • Used For: Eliminate under eye circle, correction of dark spots, and even tones a flawless complexion
    AED 75 Excl .VAT
  • Daggett & Ramsdell Flash White Skin Brightening Serum

    Daggett & Ramsdell Flash White Skin Brightening Serum

    Skin Serum with unispheres. Corrects dark spots, blemishes and brightens your skin tone.

    AED 45 Excl .VAT
  • Pr. Francoise Bedon Lightening Serum Energie

    Pr. Francoise Bedon Lightening Serum Energie

    Intense lightening treatment helps correct dark pigmentation and evens skin tones for a healthier and brighter complexion. Works best on hand, knees and elbows.

    AED 220 Excl .VAT
  • Carotone Black Spot Corrector (B.S.C) Serum

    Carotone Black Spot Corrector (B.S.C) Serum

    Carotone Black Spot Corrector (B.S.C) Serum Maxi Effect concentrated formula 30ml with sun protection Collagen Formula A must have, provides fast results on parts of the skin where spots and marks resist

    AED 25 Excl .VAT
  • Fifty’s Plus Ageless Micro Gel Serum

    Fifty’s Plus Ageless Micro Gel Serum

    It is packed with highly effective and exclusive tropical plant extracts to help fade away stubborn dark spots, and improve hydration with the delivery system of a micro‐gel


    AED 35 Excl .VAT
  • Pr. Francoise Bedon Royal Luxe Serum

     Pr. Francoise Bedon Royal Luxe Serum

    Fast and intense brightening skin care product rapidly lightens and smoothens your skin complexion. Reduces the appearance of scars and dark spots.

    AED 258 Excl .VAT
  • Fair & White So White Skin Perfector Serum

    Fair & White So White Skin Perfector Serum

    Infused with a unique blend of safe brightening properties and sweet delectable scent, this silky soft, lightweight serum quickly penetrates the skin addressing all concerns of skin discoloration. Improves skin clarity and radiance for an overall healthier, brighter complexion.

    Directions: Apply to uneven skin tone on dry cleansed skin, preferably at night.

    Recommendation: Follow up with SkinProtect SPF 50 Sunscreen daily during and after lightening treatment in order to maintain even skin tone.

    Skin type: Oily or combination skin

    AED 65 Excl .VAT
  • Fair & White Brightening Serum | Exclusive Vitamine C

    Fair & White Brightening Serum | Exclusive Vitamine C

    Its formula is richer in Vitamin C and aims at regulating melanin production and at brightening your skin. This brightening care product illuminates your complexion, softens brown spots and refines your skin texture.
    Apply on dry cleansed face before using your Cream or Body Lotion
    INGREDIENTS : Aqua (Water), Propylene Glycol, PEG-8, Glycerin, Polysorbate-20, Kojic Acid, Ascorbyl tetraisopalmitate, PEG-40 Hydrogenated Castor Oil, Butylene Glycol, Deceth-7, PPG-26-Buteth-26, PPG-8-Ceteth-20, PPG-4-Ceteth-20, Cellulose Gum, Chondrus Crispus (Carrageenan) Extract, Ceratonia Siliqua Gum, Sucrose, Tocopherol, Citric Acid, Sodium Citrate, Disodium EDTA, Benzophenone-4, Sodium Dehydroacetate, Diazolidinyl Urea, Sodium Benzoate, Potassium Sorbate, Sodium Sulfite, Sodium Metabisulfite, Methylparaben, Parfum (Fragrance), Limonene, Linalool, CI 14700 (Red 4), CI 19140 (Yellow 5).
    Glass bottle with box – 30 ml / 1 fl.oz
    AED 110 Excl .VAT
  • Fair & White Exclusive Serum

    Fair & White Exclusive Serum

    A potent lightening facial serum specifically formulated to fade skin discoloration, brightening overall complexion.

    A light gel texture is usally preferred by consumers who have oily/combination/blemish prone skin. Leaves skin feeling soft and silky texture

    Directions: Apply lightening Exclusive Serum to affected areas on dry, cleansed skin, preferably at night. Let dry. Once results have been achieved, continue maintenance daily with Silky Gel which has the addition of potent anti-oxidant, Vitamin “C”.

    Tip: Serum absorbs and dries quickly

    Recommendation: To avoid further pigmentation, always follow up with an SkinProtect SPF 50 Sunscreen daily during and after brightening treatment to maintain even skin tone.

    Skin type: Normal and oily skin.

    AED 80 Excl .VAT
  • B.B. Clear Unifying Serum

    B.B. Clear Unifying Serum

    B.B.Clear combines de-pigmenting plant-base ingredients with exfoliating efficiency of fruity acids. It improves the appearance of skin and help repair dark spots and sun damage for younger-looking, silky skin. It lightens your skin while revitalizes and makes it smooth and beautiful radiance. Adapted to all skin types.

    Created to give you rapidly a clear and even complexion. Its unique and specific formula, enriched with antioxidant carrot extract, it eliminates effectively all hyper pigmentation brown spots, while insuring your skin sweetness and flexibility. You will get a unified, beautiful and bright ski

    AED 35 Excl .VAT

    B.B. Clear Unifying Serum

    AED 35 Excl .VAT
  • White Secret Unifying Complexion Serum

    White Secret Unifying Complexion Serum

    white secret unifying complexion serum contains vitamin E that treats pigmented skin and stains,proven to enlighten your skin and remove blackhead and spots! prevents reappearance of dark tashes,adapted to all skin types
    White secret Serum contains ingredients proven to lighten your skin,remove dark spots and prevent reappearance.The cream works instantly,Bright results are seen from the very first five 5 days. Adapted to all skin types.Makes your skin smooth.Dermatologist tested.Whitesecrethandles even the sensitive skin.It Contains vitamin E that treats pigmemted skin and stains,proven to enlighter your skin and remove Blackhead and spots!

    DirectionApply twice a day,morning and evening.Avoid applying it on eyes,cuts and irritating skin.It facilitates a unified skin tone.Make your order today an it will be delivered at your doorstep.

    AED 35 Excl .VAT

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