Help With My Orders
Help With My Orders
Returns And Refund
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  • Placing an Order on

    How to place an order

  • Return Items You Ordered

    Click on Return Item against the product you want to returnReturn an item

  • Where is My Order?

    Your order will be delivered by the expected date specified on your order. The expected delivery date is the date on or before which you can reasonably expect the item to arrive at your preferred shipping address.

  • Frequently Asked Questions about Deliveries

    Frequently Asked Questions about Deliveries

  • Amending or Cancelling an Order

    You have the right to amend or cancel your order within 7 business days from the date of your order confirmation unless i your order has been already shipped, ii the product you bought was specifically imported for you or iii the product you bought was specifically manufactured for you. You can cancel your order or item online only before it enters the shipping phase. The option to cancel an order or item will cease to appear when the shipment has entered the shipping phase

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