Here Is Every Thing You Need To Know About The Nol Card….

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Here Is Every Thing You Need To Know About The Nol Card….

Whether you are a resident of Dubai or a tourist visiting the city for the first time, public transportation is highly useful to get around the city. Dubai has a very modern public transport system that aims to provide ease and comfort to the residents. The payment methods are also very simple and reliable here. People generally use Nol cards in Dubai to easily pay for multiple types of public transport including the metro, bus and RTA taxi.

In this post, we will list down the different types of RTA Dubai Nol cards, their prices, validity and top-up limits. Read on to find out which Nol card is the right one for you!



Nol Card is a contactless smartcard capable of holding prepaid credit. It is used to pay for fares on public vehicles including:






Dubai waterbus


Customers with a Nol card are required to check-in and check-out their card on different electronic gates at the metro station or the electronic terminals on buses. The best feature of the Nol cards is the online top-up facility. There are ticket offices and ticket vending machines in all metro stations and bus stations where you can buy or top up your Nol card.



If you need to use the Nol card regularly you need to be extra vigilant. Always keep an eye on your card’s balance to avoid any inconvenience.

Let’s take a detailed look at the different types of Dubai Nol cards. The Dubai Nol card prices depend on the type of card you pick. Although the initial expense is the same for a Silver and Gold Nol card, the cost per trip varies significantly. While the lowest fare for a trip on a Silver Nol card is AED 3, the minimum cost of travelling in the Gold Class is AED 6 per trip.



The Nol Silver Card is useful for frequent travellers in the city. The Silver Card is valid for all RTA transportation in Dubai. The card also one of the highest top-up limits.

Nol Silver card price: AED 25 with credit worth AED 19

Nol Silver card top-up limit: AED 1000

Nol Silver card validity: 5 years


The Gold Nol card is ideal for passengers who want to have access to gold class seats on any RTA public transport. The card can be used on all modes of transport registered with RTA including bus ferries, buses, trams, metro to name a few.


Nol Gold card price: AED 25 with credit worth AED 19

Nol Gold card top-up limit: AED 500

Nol Gold card validity: 5 years


The Personal Nol card in Dubai is one of the best cards out there! It provides you with the facility to recover your balance if you accidentally lose your card or it’s stolen. Moreover, the card allows you to enjoy concession on fares along with a secure online service for easy credit top-up. You can also get a monthly pass for this type of Nol card in Dubai. The cost will vary depending on the number of zones that need to be covered. The personalised card and the personalised gold card mentioned below, also have 90-day passes and 365-day passes.

Personal Nol card price: AED 70 with credit worth AED 20

Personal Nol card top-up limit: AED 5000

Monthly Nol Card Pass for all zones AED 350 (Special concessions are available to Senior Citizens, students and people of determination)

Personal Nol card validity: 5 years


This card is similar to the personal blue cards but allows you to travel in the Gold Class cabin on the Dubai Metro and Dubai Tram. The fare will be the same as the normal Nol Card is all other means of public transportation.


Personal Gold Nol card price: AED 80 with credit worth AED 20

Personal Gold Nol card top-up limit: AED 5000

Monthly Gold Nol Card Pass for all zones AED 700 (Special concessions are available to Senior Citizens, students and people of determination)

Personal Nol card validity: 5 years


The Dubai Metro Red Card is primarily for those who need a temporary card. It is the best Nol card in Dubai for tourists visiting the city. The Red Nol card is ideal for visitors and tourists visiting the city and staying for more than 3 days. The card is valid for metro, buses and trams. Other modes of RTA transport such as ferries, abras and taxis cannot be paid for with the Red card. With a Red card, users will be allowed to use a single mode of transport at a time.

Nol red card price: AED 6 with credit worth AED 4

Nol red card top-up limit: Rechargeable use for a maximum of 10 journeys or 5 daily passes

Nol red card validity: 90 days


The newly introduced customised Nol card is for those who prefer to have a more personalised card. Choose between 16 designs inspired by the culture and modernity of Dubai. The customised Nol card in Dubai for valid for all RTA transports. You can apply for an RTA customised card from the official RTA website.


Customised Nol card price: AED 30

Customised Nol card top-up limit: AED 1000

Customised Nol card validity: 5 years

With this, we sum up our guide to Nol cards in Dubai. Now you know which Dubai metro card is for you and how much each Dubai Nol card costs along with its validity. Checking the credit on your Nol card is simple, read our online balance enquiry in Dubai guide to learn how to check your Nol card balance.


Dubai has an excellent network and infrastructure for public transport. Several public transport apps in Dubai are assisting locals and tourists in their commute to popular locations and attractions in the city. The Dubai Metro guide will be convenient for anyone who is looking for a reliable and affordable commute within Dubai. If you don’t rely on public transport and prefer to drive, take a look at our complete RTA parking charges in Dubai guide to find out more about parking charges around the city.




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How to register a car for the Abu Dhabi toll gate! step By Step Registration on Abu Dhabi Salik

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How to register a car for the Abu Dhabi toll gate! step By Step Registration on Abu Dhabi Salik

After the announcement of the Abu Dhabi toll gates system, we’ve received a ton of questions on “How to register a car for the Abu Dhabi toll gate?” So, to help our readers, we’ve crafted a six-step guide on exactly how to register for Abu Dhabi Salik.


There are just a few more weeks for the Abu Dhabi toll gates system get activated and if you haven’t registered for it yet, now is the best time to do so. The new Abu Dhabi toll registration portal is now available online and in this post, we are going to tell you six easy steps that will answer the question of how to register for Abu Dhabi Salik.



The steps to register your number plate for Abu Dhabi toll gates is fairly simple and straightforward. Just follow this step-by-step guide on how to register for Abu Dhabi Salik



Make sure to have the following ready before you begin the process of registering your Abu Dhabi Salik account.


Emirates ID

An active phone number and email ID

The car’s number plate

Credit card/Debit card details

If you have all this ready, here’s you can start the registration process!



In order to be registered for the toll gates in Abu Dhabi, you will first need to create an Abu Dhabi Salik account. For that, you will need to visit the ITC official Website and click on ‘CREATE ACCOUNT’.


The next step fo the Abu Dhabi Toll Gate registration process is to enter you enter in your details. To successfully pass through this step, you must complete the following.


Enter in your personal details like Emirates ID and Number

Create a password. Your password must be a minimum of eight characters long and include a capital letter. (Example: Mybayut1)

Enter your mobile number



This step is called ‘Notifications’. Here you will have to enter your mobile number and email ID. Make sure the number and email you’ve entered are active and correct. This is important to successfully register for Salik in Abu Dhabi, as you will receive an SMS to verify your account later on.

After you’ve added your contact details, click next.


The fourth step to register for Salik in Abu Dhabi is to add your vehicle’s number plate. Just click on ‘ADD NEW VEHICLE’.

Once you click ‘ADD NEW VEHICLE’ a pop-up will appear. Here you will need to add the following information.

  • Plate Source (Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, Ajman, Fujairah, Ras Al Khaimah or Umm Al Quwain)
  • Plate Category (Private, Public, Motorcycle, etc)
  • Plate Code/Colour
  • Plate Number

The fees for the toll gates in Abu Dhabi will be deducted, based on the number plate. The Abu Dhabi toll gate system does not require a physical tag to be placed on the car, unlike the Salik system in Dubai.


As soon as you click on the ‘ADD’ button, an ‘Account Verification’ pop-up will appear on the screen. In this step, you will then receive a six-digit code on your phone via an SMS.

You will need to enter that six-digit code to this account verification pop-up to verify your phone number.

Once you successfully added the six-digit code, you can view the details of the car you’ve entered and even add more vehicles.

After you’ve successfully added your number plate, you can then click on ‘Next Step’ to proceed to the payment stage.


For the Abu Dhabi Toll Registration to be successfully completed, you will need to pay the registration fee of AED 100. To do so, click on ‘Make Payment’.

Once you’ve clicked on ‘Make Payment’, you will be redirected to the payment page. Here you can enter your card details and pay the registration fee.

Once the payment has successfully gone through, you’ve completed the registration for the Abu Dhabi toll gate system!


Once you’ve successfully completed the registration process for the toll gates in Abu Dhabi, you can then go ahead and log in to your Abu Dhabi Salik account. From here you can top-up/recharge your account as well as view your fines and see your transaction history.

That’s it! That’s all you need to do to successfully register for Abu Dhabi Salik.


We hope you’ve found this article on how to register for the Abu Dhabi Salik helpful. To find out more about the Abu Dhabi toll gate locations cost, and other important details subcribe to

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Get Your Free Car Charge Until December 2020!

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DEWA has announced that electric car charging in stations in Dubai will remain free of charge until 31 December 2020! The move is meant to put more electric vehicles on Dubai’s roads and take the city closer to becoming the ultimate Sustainable City! But what are the benefits of electric cars? Where are electric car charging stations in Dubai? Let’s find out.


What’s not to like about electric cars? Unlike the conventional variety, electricity-powered vehicles run on less fuel, are friendlier to the environment and overall, will win you brownie points for being a bit of a Captain Planet. This is not to mention the cost savings, government incentives and widespread availability of electric car charging locations in Dubai.


If you don’t own an electric vehicle (EV), the following benefits may make you consider the option of getting one of your own:


Cheaper to maintain: Electric vehicle owners have the advantage of low running costs. Additionally, since an EV has less running parts like fuel injection systems, starter motors and radiators, little servicing is needed to ensure that they run smoothly.

Less Pollution: Electric vehicles don’t produce carbon emissions and the air quality is better off for it. And the more electric vehicles are on the road, the cleaner the air.  They also run quieter compared to their diesel, gas or petrol-run counterparts — reducing noise pollution.

Eliminate Fuel Consumption: EV owners needn’t worry about rising gas or petrol prices by going electric.



The EV Green Charger Initiative was launched by DEWA (Dubai Electricity and Water Authority) in support of His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum’s vision of supporting sustainable transport in Dubai. The primary directive of the move is to achieve the emirate’s target of reducing carbon emissions by 16% by 2021. This has resulted in prompt initiatives to support the use of environmentally-friendly electric vehicles.


So far, the green initiative in Dubai has seen the launch of around 200 EV charging stations in Dubai. These include airports, government hospitals, shopping malls, petrol stations, commercial offices, hospitals, clinics, residential complexes, and other public areas.




The Dubai Electricity and Water Authority have launched 3 types of electric car charging stations throughout the city —Wall Box Chargers, Public Chargers and Fast Chargers:


Fast Chargers: These chargers provide an 80% charge within 20 to 45 minutes depending on the type of battery and car. These are mostly installed at petrol stations across Dubai.

Public Chargers: Public chargers provide a full charge in 2 to 4 hours depending on the battery and car type.

Wall Box Chargers: Depending on the battery capacity and type of electric vehicle, a full charge in a Wall Box charger takes around 2 to 4 hours.


Fast charging stations in Dubai are mostly located in petrol stations. Vehicle owners can use their DEWA Green Charger Card service to pay for charging cars in Dubai. How do you receive your EV Green Charger Card? Just register for this service on the DEWA website. After successful registration, you will receive your card in 3 working days.



On that note, here are electric car charging stations in Dubai as mentioned on the DEWA website:

  • DEWA Head Office Customer Happiness Center
  • Mohammed Bin Rashid Solar Park
  • Latifa Hospital – Al Jalila Children’s Hospital
  • Dubai Hospital
  • Dubai Marina Mall
  • Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Boulevard
  • The Beach Mall
  • DEWA Silicon Oasis – Community Center
  • Dubai Municipality – Labor Court
  • Dubai International Airport – Terminal 1 and 2



DEWA Fast Chargers are mostly located in petrol stations across the emirate. Here is a list of electric car charging stations in Dubai along with contact details for acquiring assistance:


ENOC Petrol Station – Warqaa 4 (Contact: 00971-4333-6140)

EPPCO Petrol Station – Jebel Ali (Contact: 00971504519836)

ENOC Petrol Station – Dubai Internet City (Contact: 00971-439-40551)

ENOC Petrol Station – Dubai Investment Park (Contact: 00971-4-885-6329)



Apart from free charging for all EV owners, that are registered in the Green Charger Initiative, the RTA (Road and Transport Authority) in Dubai also offers additional incentives for electric vehicles. These include free assigned parking in addition to exemption from Salik tag fee, RTA electric vehicle registration, renewal fees, and arranging for the special sticker for number plates.


ChargeMap, a service dedicated to listing all semi-public and public charging stations for electric vehicles in the world, lists these electric car charging stations in Dubai:


The Sustainable City

City Center Deira

Element Meisam (Dubai Production City)

Burj Al Arab

Crown Plaza Dubai Deira

The Oberoi Dubai

Shangri-La Hotel, Dubai

Emirates Towers



For a list of public charging stations in Dubai (like green charging stations in Dubai) and information on charging cards visit the ChargeMap and DEWA website.


That’s all for electric car charging stations in Dubai. If you plan to reside in Dubai, you must also keep yourself aware of DEWA bill payment processes. For more information on driving vehicles in the city, check out or guide for Salik in Dubai. Can’t figure out parking payments in the emirate? Payment of parking fees in Dubai is made easy with the RTA Smart application, NOL card and other services.

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