Where Is Dubai’s Motor City? Heard Of It? How To Know You Are In Dubai’s Motor City

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Where Is Dubai’s Motor City? Heard Of It? How To Know You Are In Dubai’s Motor City

Dubai Motor City is a property development in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, by Union Properties. The development is based on a motor-sport theme and includes residential units, business towers, motor-sports facilities, retail and a theme park.

10 signs that you live in Dubai’s Motor City

You no longer notice the sound of go-karts…

  1. You’re so used to the sound of go-karts that you don’t even recognize it.

With some of the cheapest rent in city, we’d take go-karts over silence any day.

  1. The term “hail a cab” is one that will never uttered on the streets of Motor City.

The only way to get around is to either drive, order a cab or an uber.

  1. If someone asks you go further than Mall of the Emirates, your answer will always be a firm, resounding no.

That is unless it’s out for Friday brunch…

  1. Due to influx of residents over the past five years, you need to leave 10 minutes early for work just to arrive five minutes late…

You’re fine with this though, because you always get to sleep in when schools close for the summer.

  1. You’ve got the patience of a jedi ninja.

All the stop signs, speed bumps and traffic lights will install ample patience into you quite quickly.

  1. You’ve never been to the Dubai Indoor Kartdrome.

Even though it’s just five minutes away….

  1. You’re never ever, ever, left wondering what you’re going to have for supper…

There are so many restaurants (Subway, Little Bangkok and Operation Falafel are literally just steps away) in the area that you might as well live in a quiet, spacious food court.


  1. When you tell people that you live in Motor City, their immediate response is “where?

“It’s the one that has all the go-karts, Carole, you know the one opposite the Dubai Cricket Stadium…”

  1. You most probably have a pet.

Motor City has tons of parks and pet-friendly walk ways. In fact, you’ve met three of your current closest friends walking your dog.

  1. Traveling within Motor City is usually done by foot.

Nobody has time to pay AED10 for the  Spinneys underground parking…

Do you live in motor city? Any other trends of motor city ? Please share with us at  info@openmercado.com.


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