How To Save Money In Dubai As An Employee

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How To Save Money In Dubai As An Employee

Hello there, I know you are interested to find how out how to save money in Dubai as an expert working on a salary, I am too, I thought of it for so long, discussed it with many  then came up with these tested and proven ideas on how you can actually save your salary for something better while working in Dubai.

considering that Dubai is a shopping hub with every single brand you can ever think of the world over, It has sophisticated products and all sorts of breath-taking shopping centers and malls. Bellow is how you can resist.

1.Don’t compare yourself to others  , Where do you want to start? , There are thousands of multi billionaires , born and breath in billionaires, come on you are just and employee depending on a salary… So you can’t even meet up.

2.Don’t follow trends  ,These goes especially to what’s happening on social media, who’s wearing what? what brand is trending now, who’s going to where nowadays… Which phone is the best right now and which phone is that or that celebrity is using which phone…. Speaking of phones,

3.Don’t use iPhone  ,Yea.. cos 99% of all iPhone users are under some bondage to have to buy the latest ones which are unreasonable expensive…. I mean it’s just a phone.. and i also notice that iPhone users like brands and showoff…. No offence please but then…. If you want to save your salary for your future and or your family back home.

4.Avoid buying brands  ,I know there are “quality Products” but then… it’s not for salary earners like yourself. No matter the discounts , sales and or offers they come up with… Still the prices are still too much for an expert like you and me.

5.Don’t be interested in sales, discounts and or offer, I mean do you really think an seller will give 50 to 90% discounts ? how much is their cost, rent etc?… Think about it.

6.Know where to shop  ,From food to cloths to accessories… Please go to Deira and farmers markets. Leave the sophisticated/ supermarkets and shops for business owners. how can you be shopping where your employer is ?…..Don’t answer that.

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Good luck……!

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