How To Reduce Expenses On Your Car Fuel In Dubai

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How To Reduce Expenses On Your Car Fuel In Dubai

Having a car in the UAE is a fundamental necessity, so maximizing your car’s fuel efficiency is really important for long distance travellers.

Check your tire pressure,

Keep checking your tires periodically to make sure they are properly inflated to the recommended pressure because under-inflated tires will cause your car to burn more fuel. A cool tip to remember this would be to have Queen’s under pressure in your drive time playlist.

Consistency is key


Just like with everything in life, consistency with your driving speed makes for a healthy economic car. Constantly accelerating and slowing down consumes more fuel, and applies unnecessary stress on your engine. The best way to save on fuel is to use cruise control more often, especially for the long distance drives.

The idle situation,

We all have that friend that says they will be out in two minutes, but they always take 15 minutes. Now unless you will charge them for the fuel you’ve wasted, a simple tip would be to turn off the engine. If an engine is idle for more than 60 seconds it burns more fuel than turning off the engine and restarting it again. That’s half-a-gallon to one gallon of fuel per hour along with pumping needless CO2 into the atmosphere.

Change the air filter,

You know how hard it is to breathe while doing sports outside in a dusty weather?  Well, your car feels the same way. You need to keep changing air filter within the recommended replacement period to help your engine do its best.

Choose the right octane for your car


Fuel with an octane rating that differs from one car to the other. Just like singing in the wrong “octave” can ruin a song, not using the recommended fuel cause a negative affect your car engine.  Octane ratings measure gasoline’s ability to resist engine knock which may put the engine is a serious stress.

Close your windows on highways,


Cool weather in UAE is one of the things that we can’t wait for, but, that doesn’t mean that you have to switch off the AC and roll down your windows thinking it will save you some fuel, it will actually increase the air resistance and ends up costing you more than if you left the AC switched on with the windows rolled up.

Lose the extra weight,


The more weight you put on the car, the more thirsty the car gets (ie. needs more fuel). So ditch the camping bags you keep in the trunk and remove all unnecessary things that add more weight to your car.


Which other tricks do you use to save fuel? We’d like to hear from you! Write to us at info@openmercadocom

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