How To Get Your DEWA or Etisalat Bills Setup Before Moving In UAE

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How To Get Your DEWA or Etisalat Bills Setup Before Moving In UAE

You’ve chosen a house to live in, signed the papers and issued the cheques. Excited as you are, you can’t move in just yet as you still have the next big thing to take care of – the utilities.

Way back, water and electricity were the only essentials. In this modern world, however, online communication has become equally important.  It is, therefore, best to apply for internet connection at the same time prior to moving.

It would be wise to exercise a bit of due diligence in terms of knowing the providers, requirements, fees, and delivery time prior to moving in.

Below are a few tips to help guide you.

Know the service providers

In some countries, water and electricity are supplied separately.  Fortunately, in Dubai, there is only one supplier for both, that being DEWA.

As for the internet connection, there are two providers: du and Etisalat.  Both internet providers have broadened their networks which then gives residents the liberty to choose the one with the best offer.  There may be a few areas which only cater to a single service provider.


DEWA has made it quite convenient as applications can be completed online.  You simply have to register, submit the documents and pay through DEWA’s website.  Alternatively, you may visit any of their Customer Happiness Centers.

As for internet providers, check to see if you find any flyers in your building that could provide internet for your home.

A home visit would save you the stress and hassle of standing in long queues alongside disgruntled customers and you can freely clarify all concerns prior to signing up.

Another option would be to visit a store conveniently located closest to you. Try going during an hour of the day which is considered less busy.



Be prepared to present the original documents when submitting copies of the below requirements

  1. a) Emirates ID:This is needed to prove that you are a legal UAE resident and are a minimum of 21 years of age. Your passport along with the valid UAE visa page may be needed as well
  2. b) Application form:This can be downloaded from the website or provided by the in-store or visiting agent.
  3. c) Ejari-registered tenancy contract or title deed with name and physical address:For water & electricity, if renting, it is necessary for you to submit the passport & visa copy of the landlord.


Water & Electricity

AED 150/- which covers the connection, registration, knowledge & innovation fees.   Note that there is an additional AED 200/- required for large meters.

You need to leave a security deposit amounting to AED 2K for a flat and AED 4K for villas will be required.   VAT charges would be included wherever possible.

A 50% discount on activation charges are given to Thukher and Sanad cardholders as part of Dubai initiative to care for the senior citizens and persons with disabilities.


Pay the required installation fees depending on the package (bandwidth et. al.) chosen.  The minimum contractual period should be indicated on your application form.

Estimated Delivery

The good news is, water and electricity can be switched on within 24 hours of having registered and paid.  You can then move in after which. You may, however, have to bear with having no internet connection for a week.

With these utilities in place, your house is now truly livable.  Go on now, and enjoy living in your new home!


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