How to get recruited in the UAE

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How  to get recruited in the UAE

Everyone wants to land that dream job. Applicants may get tips such as the perfect outfit to wear, the right amount of makeup, the proper posture and many more. These are all very helpful, however, these do border on the superficial. Below are tips that delve on heart and psyche issues. Anything that emanates from within would resound more clearly with the interviewer.

Everyone grows up with a dream in mind of what we want to be.  What we may be interested in may not seem rewarding at the start, but if it is something we truly want, we will not just perform, we will excel, and eventually end-up cashing-in on it. Not only will the tasks involved be rewarding in itself, so will be the remunerations.

In all its likelihood, the interviewer will know if we are truly passionate about the job being applied for.  It will show if we are speaking from the heart or simply from our head. Empty words can be read through the eyes and body language.

Research doesn’t end in school

We need to hit the net to check for the top 5 organizations that would fit what we want, as well as who we are, and who we would want to be. Patience is key, as we will need to take into account, the industry, the location, the pay etc. At the end of the day, we do have the world to consider.

Check the culture

Culture is an unspoken criterion but is a huge contributory factor that will affect our day-to-day work life.  We can check and assess if we do share the values, assumptions, and behaviors of the people in the company or in the department we are eyeing given that each division may have a unique set of characteristics.  If so, you can fine tune your answers to include aspects of your character that is befitting of the existing company culture.

Tailor fit your CV

We may have different skill sets, therefore, we may be fit to assume varying roles depending on what a company requires.  We need to modify the CV for the needed role. For example, if you are vying for a sales role, enumerate the skills and experiences that would help paint a picture of you as an excellent sales person.  For another company that requires a researcher, focus on those that would highlight the related abilities. It is not a matter of reinventing your CV, it is a matter of rearranging the information relevant to the position.

Build build build

‘You reap what you sow’ is a very powerful adage true for many generations. Note that CVs are built over time. Our experiences (being our best teacher) are compounded, and every mastered craft is a nugget of gold to add to which.

Likewise, the networks we build are like a farm. We plant the seeds and watch it grow.  A firm handshake can forge an important business relationship, a sincere smile may result in better facial recognition on the part of the interviewer, a kind deed extended will make a mark in the mind of an entrepreneur.

In short, every opportunity is golden. It is a time to learn, to build yourself, your network. These are investments where we may not amass the interests immediately but these will pay off eventually.

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