How To Ease Work Life In Dubai

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How To Ease Work Life In Dubai

In the metropolitan work oriented city of Dubai, 90% of the population are expert here for work.It could get so stressful sometimes.If you have a big project or task out of the way, the rest of the day won’t  just go by a lot smoother than it normally would!

Bellow are a few points from opeemercado to get through your work life with ease in Dubai

Make exercise a priority

Ok, relax we’re not asking you to run a marathon here, just get up from your chair and walk around the office or go under your building and go for a short walk. If you’re feeling extra ambitious, then you can sneak away to the gym on your lunch break… It’s important to look away from your screen for an hour to clear your head, it’s the best way to keep sane!

Just Breathe

Breathe in… breathe out. Do this 10 times. Focus on your breath each time. How about listening to some calm, relaxing, stress-free music while your working? Bet you never tried that before! Meditation music does wonders for times like these…

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If you feel drained and don’t want to fall asleep then try blasting some high temp music to keep you energized and on the move!

Connect with a friend/colleague

Take a few minutes to chat up a friend over the phone or a colleague in the office. Have a cup of tea or coffee with them and just unwind, talk about other topics which are not work-related and who knows you might have a few laughs and feel less stressed. You’ll end up feeling a lot less anxious during the day.

Create a worry list

Ok so if you have way too many worries in life you’ll need a bigger piece of paper…Jot them all down and then stare at them. Ask yourself: “ How can I tackle each issue?”. This will make you feel better and you’ll slowly be tackling your issues one at a time.

Recharge your battery

Take a few minutes to step away from your work for a bit. Yes we get it you have too much work, but a few minutes is needed right now to clear your mind and what better way to clear your mind then to browse Pinterest for inspiration or check your Facebook or Instagram notifications and messages? You need to do something lighthearted here to recharge! Maybe you’d like to read an article which peaked your interest earlier?

Anger Management

Anger management can be expensive, that’s why they invented stress balls and punching bags! So use these to your advantage whenever you can because they do work wonders.

Eat a snack

Step away from the cookie jar! When we said a snack, we were leaning towards a healthy one! Eat half an avocado or a handful of nuts and focus on its texture and taste and just enjoy it for a little while. Oh and eat bananas, lots of them!  Bananas are a great source of potassium which helps regulate blood pressure, which rises during times of stress.

Lastly, don’t allow work to undermine your happiness or affect your physical well-being in any way! Just remember it’s important to find time for yourself and de-stress!

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