How To Become A Top Notch Sales Executive In Dubai

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How To Become A Top Notch Sales Executive In Dubai

Right now, Dubai is the business hub in the world, It’s the one of the best trading destination cities for luxury buyers and sellers.

In line with this, middle men or let’s say top notch sales executives are highly required to link¬† buyers and sellers in a satisfactory environment.

Bellow are valuable tips on how you can become a top notch sales Executive in Dubai and stand a chance to gain alot.

1.Get your UAE drivers’ license

2.Know The city and other cities in the country

3.Get very good IT skills

4.Eat and Dress well

In general, please follow sections for clarity….


You will need to have:

the ability and desire to sell

excellent communication skills

a positive, confident and determined approach

resilience and the ability to cope with rejection

a high degree of self-motivation and ambition

the skills to work both independently and as part of a team

the capability to flourish in a competitive environment

a good level of numeracy

a full driving licence

fluency in a foreign language – this can be helpful, particularly if working for an international company.


Although this area of work is open to all graduates, the following subjects may improve your chances:

business, management or marketing

computing, engineering or technology (for technical sales)

media studies (for advertising and media sales)

modern European or Asian languages (for organisations that operate in overseas markets).

Larger employers who operate graduate-training schemes usually look for a 2:1 or above, as well as evidence of involvement with university activities or some relevant work experience.

Academic qualifications are often less important than personality, attitude and abilities and a strong commercial awareness and excellent communication skills are particularly desirable attributes.

A pre-entry postgraduate qualification is not needed.

What to expect

The sales industry is target driven and as a consequence the work can sometimes be demanding and pressurised.

Conditions of work vary widely according to the field in which you operate. You could be based in the UK or overseas and may work from an office base, or office at home or use hotels as your office.

Sales executives are generally expected to look professional and smart, particularly when liaising with clients.

The working culture created by management and colleagues can often be competitive and it is a male-dominated industry.

Travel within a working day, overnight absence from home and overseas work are all common. The constant travel, sometimes with overnight stays or longer business trips, may affect your social and personal life.


As a sales executive, you’ll need to:

B2B sales

build good working relationships

understand the needs of your business customers

research the market and related products

present the product or service favourably and in a structured professional way face-to-face.

B2C sales

listen to customer requirements and present appropriately to make a sale

maintain and develop relationships with existing customers in person and via telephone calls and emails

cold call to arrange meetings with potential customers to prospect for new business

respond to incoming email and phone enquiries

act as a contact between a company and its existing and potential markets

negotiate the terms of an agreement and close sales

gather market and customer information

challenge any objections with a view to getting the customer to buy

advise on forthcoming product developments and discuss special promotions

create detailed proposal documents, often as part of a formal bidding process which is largely dictated by the prospective customer

check the quantities of goods on display and in stock

make accurate, rapid cost calculations and providing customers with quotations.

For both roles, you’ll be required to:

negotiate on price, costs, delivery and specifications with buyers and managers

liaise with suppliers to check the progress of existing orders

record sales and order information and sending copies to the sales office, or entering figures into a computer system

represent the company at trade exhibitions, events and demonstrations

feed future buying trends back to employers

review your own sales performance, aiming to meet or exceed targets

attend team meetings.

Many larger companies have a promotion structure that typically involves moving up from sales executive to area sales manager, to national sales manager and ultimately to sales director. It’s quite common to move between different companies to achieve promotion or a higher salary.

A move out of sales into training and education, or recruitment, is another possibility. Sales executives also have the option to move into related career areas, such as advertising, marketing, more general commercial management or public relations (PR). meetings and share best practice with colleagues.

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