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So if you live in Dubai, heard much about it and even have relatives and friends in Dubai, you must have heard of it being one of the most disciplined and order city in the world.They say when people are aware of the punishment of their  actions, they behave better, I guess that is the strategy of the amazing Dubai Government. Don’t forget that this applies to all the seven emirates.

To avoid traffic violations and or any other fines , please read and take note of the bellow points.

Driving dangerously (racing)

Driving under the influence of alcohol, drugs or similar   substances

Driving a vehicle without number plates

Causing death of others

Not stopping after causing an accident that resulted in   injuries

Reckless driving

Exceeding maximum speed limit by more than 60km/h

Driving in a way that is dangerous to the public

Jumping a red light

Running away from a traffic policeman

Dangerous overtaking by trucks

Causing a car to overturn

Causing serious injuries

Exceeding maximum speed limit by not more than 60km/h

Exceeding maximum speed limit by not more than 50km/h

Overtaking on the hard shoulder

Entering road dangerously

Causing moderate injury

Heavy vehicle lane discipline

Overtaking from a prohibited place

Causing serious damage to a vehicle

Exceeding maximum speed limit by not more than 40km/h

Parking in fire hydrant places, spaces allocated for people   with special needs and ambulance parking

Exceeding maximum speed limit by not more than 30km/h

Driving against traffic

Allowing children under 10 years old to sit in the front seat   of a vehicle

Failure to fasten seat belt while driving

Failure to leave a safe distance

Failure to follow the directions of a traffic policeman

Exceeding maximum speed limit by not more than 20km/h

Entering a road without ensuring that it is clear

Exceeding permitted level of car window tinting

Not giving way to emergency, police and public service   vehicles or official convoys

Driving a heavy vehicle that does not comply with safety and   security conditions

Failure to stop after causing an accident

Driving a noisy vehicle

Allowing others to drive a vehicle for which they are   unlicensed

Loading a heavy vehicle in a way that may pose danger to   others or to the road

Overload or protruding load from a heavy vehicle without   permission

Driving a vehicle that causes pollution

Stopping on the road for no reason

Stopping on a yellow box

Not giving pedestrians way on pedestrian crossings

Failure to abide by traffic signs and directions

Throwing waste from vehicles onto roads

Refusing to give traffic police name and address when required

Stopping vehicle on the left side of the road in prohibited   places

Stopping vehicle on pedestrian crossing

Teaching driving in a training vehicle that does not bear a   learning sign

Teaching driving in a non-training vehicle without permission   from licensing authority

Placing marks on the road that may damage the road or block   traffic

Operating industrial, construction and mechanical vehicles and   tractors without permission from licensing authority

Modifying vehicle’s engine without permission

Modifying vehicle’s chasses without permission

Changing vehicle’s color without permission

Exceeding maximum speed limit by not more than 10km/h

Driving with a driving license issued by a foreign country   except in permitted cases

Violating the terms of the driving license

Parking behind vehicles and blocking their movement

Towing a vehicle or a boat with an unprepared vehicle

Driving a vehicle that omits gases or fumes with substances   exceeding permitted rates

Leaving a vehicle on the road with its engine running

No lights on the back or sides of trailer container

Lights on the back or sides of container not working

Taxis, which have designated pickup areas, stopping in   undesignated places

Prohibited entry

Blocking traffic

Vehicle unfit for driving

Driving a light vehicle that does not comply with safety and   security conditions

Not lifting exhaust of trucks

Not covering loads of trucks

Using vehicle for purposes other than designated

Heavy vehicle prohibited entry

Violating loading or unloading regulations in parking

Carrying and transporting passengers illegally

Writing phrases or placing stickers on vehicle without   permission

Not taking road safety measures during vehicle breakdowns

Turning at undesignated points

Turning the wrong way

Loading a light vehicle in a way that may pose a danger to   others or to the road

Overload or protruding load on light vehicles without   permission

Stopping vehicle without keeping the distance specified by the   law from a curve or junction

Transporting passengers by vehicle undesignated for this   purpose

Sudden swerve

Driving a taxi without required license

Carrying passengers in driving training vehicle

Driving a taxi with an expired warranty

Reversing dangerously

Taxi refusing to carry passengers

Falling or leaking load

Not securing vehicle while parked

Parking in prohibited places

Parking in loading and offloading areas without need

Parking on road shoulder except in cases of emergency

Using multi-colored lights

Not wearing helmet while driving motorbike

Exceeding passenger limit

Driving with tires in poor condition

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Driving with an expired driving license

Not renewing vehicle registration after expiry

Driving unlicensed vehicle

Violation of laws of using commercial number plates

Not fixing number plates in designated places

Driving with one number plate

Driving at night or in foggy weather without lights

Using not matching number plates for trailer and container

Not fixing reflective stickers at the back of trucks and heavy   vehicles

Not using indicators when changing direction or turning

Not giving way for vehicles to pass on the left

Not giving way to vehicles coming from the left where required

Stopping a vehicle in a way that may pose danger or block   traffic

Failure to have vehicle examined after carrying out major   modification to engine or body

Using training vehicles outside of timings specified by   licensing authority

Using training vehicles in places not designated by licensing   authority

Overtaking from the right

Overtaking in a wrong way

Driving an unlicensed vehicle

Abuse of parking space

Number plates with unclear numbers

Violating tariff

Light vehicle lane discipline

Parking vehicles on pavement

Not showing vehicle registration card when required

Not showing driving license when required

Not fixing taxi sign where required

Not fixing a sign indicating licensed overload

Using interior lights for no reason while driving

Failure to abide by specified color for taxis or training cars

Failure to display tariff of buses or taxis or not showing   them when required

Broken lights

Using horn in prohibited areas

Driving below minimum speed limit

Failure to keep taxis and buses clean inside and outside

Smoking inside taxis and buses

Using hand-held mobile phone while driving

Not abiding by taxi drivers obligatory uniform or not keeping   it in good condition

Calling on passengers in the presence of signs

Not displaying truck’s load on both sides

Not carrying driving license while driving

Not carrying vehicle registration card while driving

Driving without spectacles or contact lenses

Not using interior light in buses at night

Broken indicator lights

Using horn in a disturbing way

Having no red light at the back of vehicle

Opening left door of taxi

Pedestrians crossing from undesignated places (If any existed)

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