How Is Rent, Lifestyle, Apartments, and Facilities In Dubai’s Motor City?

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How Is Rent, Lifestyle, Apartments, and Facilities  In Dubai’s Motor City?

When we think about Dubai, the ultra-modern buildings, luxurious supermalls, lavish sports arenas, and staggering theme parks come to our mind. But some might say that all this is superficial, and ask what else is Dubai beneath all the glittering gold and splendid architecture? It is the city’s soul. Dubai’s culture is made of many communities from around the world. And the city is continuing to develop even further owing to its diverse and astounding real estate. The properties in Dubai are a prime example of modern culture and accommodate thousands upon thousands of expats from around the globe. The Dubai Motor City or often called Motor City is built around the world of luxurious cars. Some of the world’s most famous car unveils and showcase events happen in this part of the country. The properties in Motor City fully complement this modern theme and are home to many car enthusiasts. Let us review all the features of the Motor City apartments for rent.

Types of Apartments in Motor City

The apartments in Motor City are available in different designs, sizes and perks, depending upon your preference. The culture and theme are homogeneous within the residential areas, and you don’t necessarily need to be a car enthusiast to enjoy living here. Some of the available residential communities in Motor City include Uptown Motor City, Oia Residence, Easton Court and Green Community (Motor City). You can rent a property in any of these wonderful residences and you won’t regret your decision. You can go for studio flats, 1-bedroom apartments, 2-bedroom apartments, 3-bedroom apartments, and 4-bedroom apartments for rent in Motor City. All of these apartments are elegantly designed and are fully equipped to provide a modern and luxurious lifestyle.

Rent Price Trends for Apartments in Motor City

The apartments for rent in Motor City offer a considerably affordable package. The price range for these rental apartments starts at AED 42,000 and ends at AED 180,000 per year. You can choose studio flats and apartments for rent by paying AED 42,000 to AED 65,000 per year. The yearly rental price for 1-bedroom apartments starts at AED 55,000 to AED 90,000. The option of 2-bedroom apartments for rent in Motor City is also available at AED 88,000 to AED 130,000 per year. Similarly, you can go for 3-bedroom apartments starting at AED 115,000 and ending 199,000 at AED per year. You can even go big by choosing 4-bedroom apartments in Motor City but they will cost you AED 162,000 to AED 180,000 per year.

Lifestyle in Motor City

There are so many added benefits of living in Motor City, such as entertainment, luxury, dining, and sports. Speaking of sports, the city is built to showcase the motorsport and what’s better for honoring car enthusiasts than by providing some of the best drome arenas of the world. The Dubai Kartdrome and the Dubai Autodrome are a dream come true for all the petrol heads out there. You can enjoy laps in any of your favorite sports cars or just sit back in a go-kart and have the time of your life. Living in Motor City is further complemented by the presence of commercial and business hubs and world-class restaurants in the area.

Reasons for Renting in Motor City

There are plenty of reasons to rent an apartment in Motor City. The community has some of the best facilities out there – supermalls, cafes, markets, lush-green parks, swimming pools, grocery stores and other necessities of life. Top-quality schools like GEMS Metropole School intrigue families to settle here. Whether you are a family-man looking to ensure a comfortable stay for your family. Or you are young car enthusiast looking to enjoy time with your friends, this place is suited to both. You can also set up your professional career here, as the city is booming with opportunities.