Here Is Every Thing You Need To Know About The Nol Card….

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Here Is Every Thing You Need To Know About The Nol Card….

Whether you are a resident of Dubai or a tourist visiting the city for the first time, public transportation is highly useful to get around the city. Dubai has a very modern public transport system that aims to provide ease and comfort to the residents. The payment methods are also very simple and reliable here. People generally use Nol cards in Dubai to easily pay for multiple types of public transport including the metro, bus and RTA taxi.

In this post, we will list down the different types of RTA Dubai Nol cards, their prices, validity and top-up limits. Read on to find out which Nol card is the right one for you!



Nol Card is a contactless smartcard capable of holding prepaid credit. It is used to pay for fares on public vehicles including:






Dubai waterbus


Customers with a Nol card are required to check-in and check-out their card on different electronic gates at the metro station or the electronic terminals on buses. The best feature of the Nol cards is the online top-up facility. There are ticket offices and ticket vending machines in all metro stations and bus stations where you can buy or top up your Nol card.



If you need to use the Nol card regularly you need to be extra vigilant. Always keep an eye on your card’s balance to avoid any inconvenience.

Let’s take a detailed look at the different types of Dubai Nol cards. The Dubai Nol card prices depend on the type of card you pick. Although the initial expense is the same for a Silver and Gold Nol card, the cost per trip varies significantly. While the lowest fare for a trip on a Silver Nol card is AED 3, the minimum cost of travelling in the Gold Class is AED 6 per trip.



The Nol Silver Card is useful for frequent travellers in the city. The Silver Card is valid for all RTA transportation in Dubai. The card also one of the highest top-up limits.

Nol Silver card price: AED 25 with credit worth AED 19

Nol Silver card top-up limit: AED 1000

Nol Silver card validity: 5 years


The Gold Nol card is ideal for passengers who want to have access to gold class seats on any RTA public transport. The card can be used on all modes of transport registered with RTA including bus ferries, buses, trams, metro to name a few.


Nol Gold card price: AED 25 with credit worth AED 19

Nol Gold card top-up limit: AED 500

Nol Gold card validity: 5 years


The Personal Nol card in Dubai is one of the best cards out there! It provides you with the facility to recover your balance if you accidentally lose your card or it’s stolen. Moreover, the card allows you to enjoy concession on fares along with a secure online service for easy credit top-up. You can also get a monthly pass for this type of Nol card in Dubai. The cost will vary depending on the number of zones that need to be covered. The personalised card and the personalised gold card mentioned below, also have 90-day passes and 365-day passes.

Personal Nol card price: AED 70 with credit worth AED 20

Personal Nol card top-up limit: AED 5000

Monthly Nol Card Pass for all zones AED 350 (Special concessions are available to Senior Citizens, students and people of determination)

Personal Nol card validity: 5 years


This card is similar to the personal blue cards but allows you to travel in the Gold Class cabin on the Dubai Metro and Dubai Tram. The fare will be the same as the normal Nol Card is all other means of public transportation.


Personal Gold Nol card price: AED 80 with credit worth AED 20

Personal Gold Nol card top-up limit: AED 5000

Monthly Gold Nol Card Pass for all zones AED 700 (Special concessions are available to Senior Citizens, students and people of determination)

Personal Nol card validity: 5 years


The Dubai Metro Red Card is primarily for those who need a temporary card. It is the best Nol card in Dubai for tourists visiting the city. The Red Nol card is ideal for visitors and tourists visiting the city and staying for more than 3 days. The card is valid for metro, buses and trams. Other modes of RTA transport such as ferries, abras and taxis cannot be paid for with the Red card. With a Red card, users will be allowed to use a single mode of transport at a time.

Nol red card price: AED 6 with credit worth AED 4

Nol red card top-up limit: Rechargeable use for a maximum of 10 journeys or 5 daily passes

Nol red card validity: 90 days


The newly introduced customised Nol card is for those who prefer to have a more personalised card. Choose between 16 designs inspired by the culture and modernity of Dubai. The customised Nol card in Dubai for valid for all RTA transports. You can apply for an RTA customised card from the official RTA website.


Customised Nol card price: AED 30

Customised Nol card top-up limit: AED 1000

Customised Nol card validity: 5 years

With this, we sum up our guide to Nol cards in Dubai. Now you know which Dubai metro card is for you and how much each Dubai Nol card costs along with its validity. Checking the credit on your Nol card is simple, read our online balance enquiry in Dubai guide to learn how to check your Nol card balance.


Dubai has an excellent network and infrastructure for public transport. Several public transport apps in Dubai are assisting locals and tourists in their commute to popular locations and attractions in the city. The Dubai Metro guide will be convenient for anyone who is looking for a reliable and affordable commute within Dubai. If you don’t rely on public transport and prefer to drive, take a look at our complete RTA parking charges in Dubai guide to find out more about parking charges around the city.