Are You New In Dubai….Here Is How To Avoid Getting Lonely In Dubai

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Are You New In Dubai….Here Is How To Avoid Getting Lonely In Dubai

Plus one thing you shouldn’t do.

Picture this: You’re new to Dubai – unpacking your luggage in your accommodation not knowing anything about the emirate and without any friend around who can give you company. As you are a little over one-week old at your office, your routine job and the work at home can start making you feel alone and this can soon turn into loneliness. That feeling of ‘a stranger in a strange world!’ can creep in.

So, how do you drive away this loneliness and tackle the helplessness of feeling like a stranger in a new city? Here’s what you can do, as well as one thing you shouldn’t.

Take a walk

While the weather permits it, take a walk around town. Stroll in Kite Beach, check out La Mer, or just go sit on a bench in Dubai’s many public parks. There’s more to Dubai than just the fancy vistas and the big malls.

Try to interact with others,

Here’s the thing, randomly chatting up a person in Dubai is kind of a hit-or-miss opportunity. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t go out there and do it. Try going to certain events such as the Dubai Flea Market and strike up a conversation rather than just simply haggling and buying something off someone. And no, colleagues don’t count.

Join communities,

Another interesting aspect about Dubai is the number of communities that exist here. Not only is there a group for every expat nationality in town, there are also groups for certain interests. You can easily find these communities on social media such as, where you can meet like-minded people and make new friends. Think of this as a supercharged version of point #2.

Go out of town,

Road Trip Dubai

Got a driving licence? Maybe you’ve already made friends. Going outside Dubai is a great way to feel like a tourist in the country where you work. It breaks the monotony of house and office. There are a lot of great places nearby such as the Hatta, the various wadis in the neighbouring emirates, and for all you artistically inclined – there’s Louvre Abu Dhabi.

Learn about the culture,


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Dubai is not just supercars and skyscrapers. It started off as a small town and turned into the city it is today. Getting to know more about the country’s culture helps you appreciate the place more.

But there’s one thing you should never, ever do and that is.

Don’t go on a brunch every weekend,

It’s extremely easy to get sucked into the ‘brunch every weekend’ kind of life, especially if you’re new in town. Sure, you can go at least once but making it a weekend activity all the time will burn through two things – your wallet and your health.

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